Do you think it’s Impossible to turn your yearly Income to your Monthly Income?

When you have a Strategy, it can be easier than you think! Here are 10 Golden Rules to Supercharge Your Income!


1. Get Clear & Write Down Your Goal! – Write your goal on sticky notes and post them everywhere – bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, lunchbox, vehicle, your desk, on your phone, etc.

2. Specify where you will INVEST it! – Write down where you plan to invest your Money – Savings, Debt, Retirement, Personal Growth, Children’s Future, Fun & Hobbies, Emergency Fund, etc.

3. Map Out Your Goal! – You have to know where you are going so this is important to do. It still may take time to turn your yearly income to your monthly income but this will give you guidance on how it can be done. Here is an example:
Week 1 – 10 x $197 = $1997
Week 2 – 11 x $197 = $2167
Week 3 – 11 x $197 = $2167
Week 4 – 12 x $197 = $2364
Total – $8695

4. Write out a 20 point Plan on how to Achieve Your Goal! – Create a list on 20 ways on how to Achieve your numbers. Focus on your numbers vs the Income!

5. Evaluate your Money Paradigm! – When you dive deep and transform any limiting belief you have about money, you will have quantum success! Don’t leave this out!

6. Breathe, Relax & Detach! – One of the most challenging rules but also the most necessary. This is where Faith & Trust play a role in your life. Even if you are one that doesn’t have a spiritual practice, at least be open to know that everything is made of energy and there are forces working out there for your Higher Good. The harder you “control” a situation, the harder it will be to achieve your goals. Allow Grace to be part of your team and things just may manifest a lot faster.

7. Commit to a 30 Minute Daily Mindset Practice! – Set time for yourself so that you can quiet your mind and release any negative self-talk. I have journaling to be one of my favorite ways to “talk” to myself in a very nurturing way. Along with that I set an Intention and meditate before I start my day.

8. Stay Focused and say NO to everything else! – FOCUS! FOCUS!FOCUS! If the activity or opportunity is not aligned with your Goal, graciously say NO!

9. Celebrate Each Win no matter how Small! – Celebrating each win is so important. This will get you closer to your goal. Anchor your celebration with a physical activity of some sort – clapping your hands, throwing your hands in the air, doing a happy dance, etc.

10. Receive! Then Repeat! Be Open to RECEIVE! You will be surprised on how people will sabotage their success by not stepping into that energy of Receiving!


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