Ever since I could remember, I loved to dance. There probably wasn’t a moment when I didn’t hear music and just start moving my body to the rhythm of the song.  I never learned how to dance professionally but that didn’t hold me back to perform whenever I had the opportunity in my youth!

When I reflect back on my life, this is pretty much how I have always lived my life even to this day.  I never felt I needed that “permission” to do whatever inspiration came my way.  Success hasn’t always followed my actions.  I don’t have a college degree or have tons of accolades.  But you know what, I’m damn happy and proud of myself!

I’m self-educated and not ashamed about it!  I’m a voracious reader and study people including ones who are not as successful.  Everyone has a uniqueness about them.  I have emotional intelligence and can read people like a psychic reads tarot cards! And I don’t say this to sound arrogant or be one of those “think-they-know-it-all” persons.  In fact, it took me forever to come to the realization of who I am and be able to stand in my full light!
This is why I am so passionate about teaching Personal Power!  I opened up my eyes one day and realized that for 40 years I had no Personal Power and it pained me to know that.

Last year in 2016, I watched Tony Robbins Netflix Documentary – “I’m not your Guru!”  My biggest takeaway was that he admitted how he created himself!  Tony Robbins personally developed who he was to become the person he is today.

That’s when it hit me!  I decided to do the same for myself and I was not leaving any stone unturned!  But before I could create who I wanted to be, I also had to honor the Woman I was and the Strength that led me here up to this point  And it was in that journey that I decided I didn’t need to create this “new” person.  I just had to allow the true, powerful me to Shine!

I  embrace all of Me!

I embrace my sweetness and passionate love for people!  I often say that I believe in people more than they believe in themselves. I have an unparalleled skill to go down deep to your blocks and yank them by their root so that you can live life on your terms.

I embrace my awkwardness when I’m with groups of people but honor the leader within myself to teach on whatever inspires me for the day or for the month.

I embrace my Shadow side and recognize that there is a part of me that has a special need of some sort and my Shadow side just wants a voice and wants to be recognized.  After all, that Shadow side helped get me here.

I embrace the love I have for my two crazy-hearted kiddos.  I embrace how I raise them to become independent and empower them on Power of Choice they have every minute in every day.  I even embrace that sometimes I am an overprotective Mom who just wants her children to grow up happy!

I embrace my wounds!  My wounds remind me to be humble and that Fate has a mysterious way to sharpen my saw, my strength.

I embrace the endless chatter in my mind that likes to create chaos and worry.  That chatter is just part of that Shadow Side that may be scared and needs a little nurturing and love!

I embrace my need for Quietness!  It’s in those moments of silence that I can hear my heartbeat and the sound of my breath to know I’m still alive on this Earth.  I still have time to contribute to a community of people who may have lost hope!

I embrace my love for God!  Because without God, I am nothing!  I embrace my attitude of surrender and listen to His inspiration for my next steps.  I embrace that with each step I take, I walk with courage! I embrace my need to attend mass 5 days a week so that I can ground myself with God’s love!

I embrace being a Contemporary Mystic!

I embrace my sexuality and the fact that I love to dress showing cleavage.

I embrace my physical Body with its curves and all!  I embrace my crooked teeth and know that Self-love is about loving every flaw and all!

I embrace my Wisdom!  I may not know everything but at least I have the wisdom to be able to say those words and be humble enough to lead someone to the right direction.

I embrace the Powerful Woman I am Today!  I know Who I am Today!  And I’m no longer afraid to allow myself to Shine Brightly for all the World to See!  It will take me some time to get to where I want to go but at least I have a plan and I have the guts to get me there!

My Life Will Be a Statement Not An Apology!