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Brillo was a Coyote Pup who lived in the desert of Arizona. He loved to play with his siblings having all kinds of fun and playing adventurous games out in the evening sun.  Curiosity got the best of him one day. He decided to venture out on his own to explore the wild desert.   As he was out and about he came upon a beautiful green Cactus.  Now Brillo’s Mom was pretty protective and didn’t allow any of her children to wander too far from home so he never encountered such a magical plant.

Brillo was so amazed at this beauty!  He crept up closer and began to sniff around. The cactus stood with such power and it just enticed Brillo to move in closer.  At that moment, a wild sandstorm rushed in out of nowhere.  Brillo didn’t know what to do next.  He jumped into the “arms” of the cactus.  Brillo quickly discovered how painful those arms were and yet he had no choice because the sandstorm was completely vicious.  The Cactus was Brillo’s only protection during the storm.

When the sandstorm was over, Brillo discovered he lost his tracks back to his home and family.  He whimpered and wailed into the night.  But to no avail did his family come rescue him.

Brillo resigned and stayed near the Cactus since that was his safety net during the wild storm.  It was a painful protection but at that moment that’s what he came to know.

Throughout time, Brillo grew and remained close to the Cactus.  And every time a Sandstorm erupted, he continued to jump into the arms of the Cactus.  And every time it was painful.

One day, Brillo saw at a distance a group of other coyotes.  He got scared because they looked like they wanted to attack.  So Brillo did what he always knew to do and that was to jump into the Cactus arms.  When the coyotes came up closer, they asked Brillo “Why are you up in that Cactus?”  All Brillo could say “He’s my protector.”

The Coyotes laughed and made fun of Brillo.  They couldn’t comprehend he would believe such thing. You see the Coyotes were raised to respect the wildlife of the desert. The needles were painful so they steered clear.

One compassionate Coyote told Brillo, “Get down from there and come with us. That plant can’t protect You.  It’s going to keep hurting You.  Come with us and let’s go explore!”

But Brillo was too afraid to get down and he was too afraid to explore.  The last time he explored, he got lost and got stuck to this Cactus.  And even though it was painful, he kept close to the Cactus too afraid to let go of the only thing he knew – his “safety net.”

Do You have a Cactus in your life?

How many people do You see that hold onto their Cactus just too afraid to let go?

Is it a job? A sucky marriage?  An unhealthy co-dependent relationship? Is it fear or doubt that keeps you stuck?

How do you expect to live a fulfilled life if you do not take the time to become aware of your own Cactus in your life?

The challenge doesn’t come from living with the Cactus, the challenge comes from releasing it so that you step into the unknown and discover another side of you that brings you closer to your life purpose.

People get too comfortable living with “Cactus pain” because they know how to deal with it.  They know at the end of the day, they come out “successful” because they survived That.

Trust me, I have firsthand experience with this “Cactus pain.”

It took me several years to even realize what was happening to me and how I was stuck to my own “Cactus pain.”  

How did I know?  I kept attracting the same experiences that kept me in the same unhealthy patterns.  I stunted my personal, emotional,  and spiritual growth.

So I had to make a decision at every given moment that I wanted to release my Cactus.

How do you let go of your Cactus?

#1 Recognize and Acknowledge that You May Have a Cactus!
Take a breather and reflect for a moment!  What is that thing that has caused you pain and is still causing you pain?  What is it that is draining your energy? Intuitively, you know what that is because your body alerts you with stress and unrest.  Your Cactus always brings confusion.
#2  Ask yourself if this Cactus is serving your Highest Purpose?
If the answer is No, then it’s time for change. You cannot live at your best when you are holding onto to this Cactus. Every action takes energy. Even sitting still takes energy. So if your Cactus is taking up too much of your energy then it’s keeping you from living your highest purpose. Be that light for others!
#3 Make the Decision and Release it!
Take a deep breath and Release!
I did not say that this would be simple.  This may be one of the scariest and hardest decisions you will ever have to face. Stepping into the unknown is not always easy or pleasurable. You don’t know how many times you are going to fall.
Because you may fall in love more times than what you wanted before you real True Love appears….  
You may fall 1000 times before you Startup gets momentum and takes off….  
You may fall down 200 times before you can walk again without that crutch….  
Your tears may fall at every sit-up, at every crunch and at every mile ran because you made a decision to get your Sexy back….
You may fall down to your knees with so much gratitude thanking the Benevolent Force that opened the doors of opportunities.  It led you to the life you always dreamed.
Oh, you are going to fall!
But I can guarantee You that every time you rise up from your fall, you will stand Taller and Braver!

Disclaimer:  This Blog was inspired by a beautiful colleague who spoke of a metaphor her Pastor had given her several years ago.  It stuck in my head and I wanted to share my interpretation.  So Thank you Candace Jenkins-Espinet!  Go and Visit her Blog at

Until next time, remember #GivingUpIsNotAnOption!