When you are in financial distress, it can be totally overwhelming and stressful.  Your nerves are shot and you are on the edge of an anxiety attack.

You are desperately looking for answers and don’t know how to resolve this issue. There is chaos and confusion in your head and you are on the verge of giving up.

Before you completely do, STOP for a moment and breathe.

Yes, breathe!

Breathe those long deep breaths – Kundalini style.  The ones where you inhale to fill up your belly and when you exhale, you exhale all that crazy shit that is running in your head.  Go for 10 rounds.  (I’m no expert on Kundalini breathing exercises so here is a link to a quick 3 minute video.)

Your goal is to get to Point Zero.

Point Zero is the level of neutrality.  This is the place from where you can begin.

It’s from this place where you can find your solution and get out of financial distress fast!

Another unique way to get to Zero Point is to do some Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT).  I will keep this simple because when you are at the state of having this volcano of stressful emotions erupt, your immediate goal is to de-escalate those high running emotions.  For now, all I want you to do is tap on that bone that is right under your eye socket. (I plan to go into further details on EFT in another post but for now, use the point underneath the eye.)

Image courtesy of: http://www.thrivingnow.com/free-eft-tapping-point-images/

Depending on how high your emotions are running, don’t be afraid to Tap on your point and breathe at the same time.  Be persistent because your goal is to de-escalate all the way down to Point Zero.  So if takes an hour, so be it.

Once you are there then you can start to shift.

The following are ways to that can help you find a solution much faster.  You see when you are in that financial distress, it is driven by fear.  You have fear of the outcome.  Perhaps the outcome won’t show up fast enough or not at all.  This is the lack/scarcity mindset.  So how do you expect to resolve your financial crisis when you are stuck in that mindset?

1.  Be Kind and Compassionate Towards Yourself!

This place from love will get you so much farther than fear.  You may hear this all the time but the question is how often do you put this into practice?  It’s in those dark moments we default to beating ourselves up when there is distress.  So remind yourself to be kinder and more compassionate.

2.  Be Confident to be in that Place of Surrender!

It takes courage and strength to be absolutely vulnerable with yourself and say “I Let Go.”  And do it with conviction!  This has been my hardest lesson.  I’m still learning to trust in something bigger than myself and relying on that strength.

Every time I hold on too tight on the Wheel, that is when I get myself into trouble.

I will tell you that this place of Surrender is where you want to be in order to make the quantum shifts in your life.  You have intuition which is your inner guidance system.  Grace cannot reach you when you are not willing to surrender and have faith.

Be open and be willing to lay down that armor of resistance and Surrender.

3.  Write down 100 Gratitudes!

Don’t overthink this!  Write out as many things that you are grateful for and allow your heart to expand.  The more gratitudes you write down the easier it becomes.

The goal here is to anchor yourself in Love and be in the Present moment.

4.  Now it’s time for the Inner Work!

Your belief system drives your behavior. Therefore, it’s important to do a little digging and see what old programming is no longer serving you.  This old programming and negative imprinting lives deep in your subconscious mind. This has caused a chain of reaction of limiting beliefs and the fear-based emotions which constantly run in your nervous system.  This has also caused the blocks that don’t allow your intuition to guide you.

Until you clear out that old programming and negative imprinting, you will keep repeating the same cycle of financial distress.

This is why the other steps are so important to do first because you must be in that space of love.

Being in financial distress can be painful.  But it’s also an opportunity!  It’s an opportunity to see shift and change on how you do things.  It’s an opportunity to learn a new life lesson.  It’s an opportunity to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

And most important it’s an opportunity to expand your love.  The creative solutions come from Love!

The next time you find yourself in financial distress, breathe and let’s get to Point Zero!

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