Are you READY to Build a 6 Figure Business?

Are you willing to go that extra mile and do whatever it takes to get to your 6 figure Business?  Or will you be one of those types that plays small and stays safely in your comfort zone keeping you from living your dream life?

You see this entrepreneurial journey isn’t for everyone.  It takes someone who has that special drive, that tenacity not to allow those BS excuses get in the way.  You need to have talent within yourself to follow your intuition that will take you to that next level.  But here is some truth – many fall short when it comes to taking this important action.  Instead they play the blame game.  They blame the economy for their shortfalls, blame their family for not supporting them, blame society for hypocrisy and will even blame their pet for not being loving enough. They do not take responsibility and take full ownership of their perceived failures.   Those people get scared and return to their cave not willing to take another hit or chance at life.

But That’s Not You, right?

That’s right!  You are not that person that conforms to whatever life gives you.  You are an action-taker who seeks out challenges and opens the door to opportunities.  You decided to go on this entrepreneurial journey because you were following your gut.  You listened to that whisper in ear and the tug in your heart and you went for it.

And I want to congratulate you on embarking this journey!

But I know what you want to tell me.  You want to tell me – “It’s not easy!  Every time I take 2 Steps forward, it seems like some kind of shit hits the fan and I’m taking 6 steps back!”

You tell me – “I’m showing up! I do the work! I watch all the leaders in my industry! Why am I not getting traction? How can this be so hard?”

Here is some truth!  Ready?


Or else how would you grow?  How would learn to discover those hidden talents inside of you that you thought you never had?  Entrepreneurship will test you!  Entrepreneurship will teach you things about yourself and about others. And Entrepreneurship is not meant to be done alone!

Any smart business owner knows that one of the keys to Success is to seek out Mentorship and a Positive Support System.

That is Why You Are Here!

Trust me when I say that I have been through the grind.  My first business venture completely flopped because I had no idea what I was doing.  I just decided to create a Self-love workshop thinking people would automatically sign up and I got “ZERO” participation.  I was bummed out at first but I decided that if I was going to make this work, I had to learn.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I took several business coaching courses and sought out my own mentors and within two years, I am building a successful consulting practice.

The journey was not always easy. Slowly but surely, I learned to Master who I was being as the Entrepreneur I am Today! And my growth still continues!  I will never stop investing in myself because as each day passes, I want to be better than I was yesterday.

I will tell you that this year I made a bold move to Personal Brand myself and bring my two business – Latina Entrepreneurs Empowerment Circle and Winning Edge Startup Business Academy under my name – Angelica Marie.

The programs I have started were because of my clients’ needs.  I have several new programs I recently launched with more to come in 2017!